Step by step installation of Solaris 10

Insert the Solaris DVD and select the “Solaris” from “Grub Menu” and press Enter:

Select the “1”  and press Enter:

Select Language:

Press Enter within 30 seconds:

Again press Enter:

Press 0 in order to select English as the system language:

Click “Next:

Select the “Networked” and click “Next“:

Decide here, that you want to use DHCP or manual ip address, I am going to use manual ip address:

Enter the hostname and click “Next“:

Enter the Ip address:

Enter “Netmask“:

Select “Yes” if you want to enable IPv6 but I will not use it:

Select “Default Route”:

Enter the default route information (Ip address):

I will select “No” for Kerberos Security, if you want to use it then select “Yes”:

Select your “Name Service” option, mine is “None“:

Select “NFSv4 Domain Name“:

Select “Time Zone“:

Select your country:

Confirm “Date & Time” and click “Next“:

Enter password for “root” user and click “Next“:

Select “Yes” and click “Next“:

Confirm the “Summary” by clicking on “Confirm“:

Click “Next” to proceed for the next installation tasks:

Accept the default setting by clicking “Next” then press “OK” to continue:

Specify Media:

It will show you the initialization screen:

Accept the “License“:

Select “Type of Install“:

Click “Install Now to begin the installation:

Installation will begin:

Installation will take sometime or a lot of time to finish, after reboot, it will ask for username and password:

Select your desired Desktop Environment:

After selection, it will present you with your desired desktop environment:

Now we will configure the internet access on our Solaris 10:

I am using googleDNS, you can use your local or other public dns:

Edit the “nsswitch.conf” file for name service configuration:

Edit this line like this:

Finally, Internet connectivity test:

Hope this will help you!

Please Remember me in your prayers!

Enjoy 🙂


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