Backup MySQL Database to Dropbox Using Backup Box

In this tutorial, we’ll learn that how we can take the backup of database using the tool named My Backup Box, which is nothing but just a website that is used to help transferring files between different services.

Create a free account using this link:

Sign-in to your email account and verify your email address (if you have created new account on Backup Box):

Press “Click to Connect“:

Select “MySQL“:

It will ask the following information:

Note: Before providing these information, you need to allow Backup Box IP address (, so that it can access your database.

Login to MySQL server and check the databases:

mysql -u root -p

Create new user (in my case, it is bkupuser) and allow it to access  one or all database(s) (TENDO  database, in this example) from ip address:


Edit the MySQL configuration:

sudo nano /etc/mysql/my.cnf

Comment the “bind-address” line:

#bind-address           =

Restart the MySQL service:

sudo service mysql restart

Now fill-in all the required information on Backup Box website:

Note: Please don’t waste your time to hack this system, this is just an Amazon micro instance that I have specially created for this tutorial!

Now Click on “Click to Connect” button:

Select “Dropbox“:

Enter your desired display name:

After clicking on “Add this connector“, it will redirect you to the Dropbox website, enter your account information:

Click on “Allow“, in order to allow Backup Box website to connect to your desired dropbox account:

Create separate folder in your Dropbox main folder for MySQL database (Totally optional step):

Now, select your desired database, which you want to backup and also select the folder inside your Dropbox folder, where you want to back it up and hit “Transfer Now“:

Note: You can also schedule this transfer to happen automatically by simply hit Schedule This Transfer instead of Transfer Now.

Press “Run this transfer now“:

Give it some time (depending on your database size) and then check your Dropbox folder:

Yes, it transferred the database dump successfully 🙂

Hope this will help you!

Please Remember me in your prayers!

Enjoy :-)


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