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How to reduce the root partition in LVM

In this tutorial, I am using the CentOS6(I believe that its also applicable on other Linux distro but didn’t try yet) that has ext4 partition lv_root mounted as / and lv_swap as swap from the volume group vg_centos6 (which is default), that has two hard drives (66GB & 25GB). Due to some reasons, I want to remove the 25GB hard drive from my computer and want to add new 50 GB hard drive. Before, removing the hard drive from the computer, we need to resize the lv_root, then remove it from volume group and at the end from the physical volume.

WARNING: It’s really dangerous, so backup your data before attempting this. Please don’t blame me, if you destory your system. You are responsible for your own actions!

Check the size of  lv_root before starting this process:

df -h

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