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Highly-Available WordPress Setup inside AWS VPC using Terraform & Ansible

In this post,we’ll create the Infrastructure for Highly-Available WordPress website over AWS using Terraform and then install the WordPress using Ansible. If you don’t know about the Terraform, please check this link.

We’ll use the Terraform to create the fully operational AWS VPC infrastructure(subnets,routeing tables,igw etc), it will also create everything that need to be for creating EC2 and RDS instances (security key, security group, subnet group). It will also create the Elastic Load Balancer and add the EC2 instance(s) automatically to it as well as creating the Route53 entry for this wordpress site and add the ELB alias to it.

Ansible will be used to deploy the wordpress on the EC2 instances that have been created via Terraform, that will be fault tolerant and highly available.


  • Terraform
  • Ansible
  • AWS admin access

Tools Used: Read more of this post

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