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Backup MySQL Database to Dropbox Using Backup Box

In this tutorial, we’ll learn that how we can take the backup of database using the tool named My Backup Box, which is nothing but just a website that is used to help transferring files between different services.

Create a free account using this link:

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Backup MySQL DBs to a remote FTP Server

In this short tutorial, we’ll learn that how can we take the backup of MySQL database(s) and send it to the remote ftp server automatically. Click on this link to signup for your free account at DrivHQ : drivehq.com Free Account (You can use any other free ftp service and also recommend us).

In order to send the compressed DB backup to the remote ftp server, we need to make sure that gzip and ncftp are installed on our server. Use this command to install these packages:

sudo apt-get install ncftp gzip

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