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How to block video streaming with Squid

In office like Software House, they can’t ban the facebook because many of the web application using facebook login to register an account and has been used many FB api for showing FB updates in their platform. But sometimes,they are worry about the bandwidth that their users waste in watching videos on facebook. So, this is a solution for those people 🙂 (With this they can block about 95% videos)


In this scenario, Mikrotik will work as dhcp, dns, and default gateway for local network. Ubuntu 12.04 with 2 NICs installed (eth0, eth1). We’ll assume eth0 will be the connected to the gateway, and eth1 will be connected to the switch.

Install the squid3,  ebtables  and bridge-utils with the following command:

sudo apt-get install squid3 ebtables bridge-utils

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