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How to Configure NTP Server and Timezone on Vyatta

Out of the box the Vyatta Firewall will sync to Vyatta’s NTP server pool. It really important to set your NTP server address to the standard time sources for your organization and delete the default NTP server.

Reason:This will make it easier to correlate the Vyatta logs with logs from other systems that are receiving time from the same NTP source. A difference of a  few seconds sometime can make it very difficult to compare the logs of separate systems.

By default, Vyatta set its internal clock in Universal time (UTC) a.k.a GMT:

show date


Before proceeding, verify that the Vyatta Firewall synchronize with default NTP server:

show ntp


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Time synchronization on CentOS 6.2 using NTP

To install the ntp, just enter this command at the terminal:

sudo yum install ntp

To make the ntpd start at boot time, use this commands:

sudo chkconfig ntpd on

After installation, edit the default ntp configuration:

sudo nano  /etc/ntp.conf

Commented out/remove the default CentOS servers,you can add your own time-servers here to synchronize with, http://www.pool.ntp.org/zone/europe or http://www.pool.ntp.org/zone/north-america lists:

After you are done with the configuration, just start the ntp service:

sudo service ntpd start

To check if the NTP service is synchronizing:

sudo ntpq -pn

To check the synchronization log:

sudo tail -f /var/log/messages

Geeky Comparison with Windows clock after synchronization:

Hope this will help you!

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