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Install OpenVPN server using Ansible over AWS VPC

In this tutorial, we’ll use this blog post as a base and use the below scenario in which we’ll configure the custom NAT instance to OpenVPN as well using Ansible to access the resources inside the private subnet(s).


Please modify the following things for the above mentioned post:

– Open the UDP port 1194 inside the NAT instance Security Group

– Allow the desired traffic inside the desired desination server(s) Security Group for NAT instance

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Highly-Available WordPress Installation inside AWS VPC using Ansible

In this post,we’ll learn that how we can do Highly-Available WordPress Installation inside AWS VPC using Ansible, for this purpose we’ll be using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS EC2 Instances but you can modify it easily for RPM-based systems. If you don’t know about the Ansible, please check this link.

The purpose of Ansible AWS VPC Highly-Available WordPress(AAVHAW) is to create a fully operational AWS VPC infrastructure(subnets,routeing tables,igw etc), it will also create everything that need to be for creating EC2 and RDS instances (security key, security group, subnet group).

It will also create the Elastic Load Balancer and add the EC2 instance(s) automatically that were created using this playbook as well as creating the Route53 entry for this wordpress site and add the ELB alias to it.

Beside that, this playbook will also run the essential role(updating and patching the OS, configuring NTP,creating users etc) and deploy the wordpress on them, that will be fault tolerant and highly available.

NOTE: The part of the play, ‘webserver.yml‘, is not idempotent. Every time it run, will create a new EC2 instances.

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