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How to Change the Network Cards Priority in Windows 7



We are connecting with the two different networks using the wired and wireless cards simultaneously . We want to access the local resources (e.g: file server, print server, application server etc) using the wired connection while  want to browse the Internet using the wireless connection.

To check the default Network Cards Priority, open up a command prompt and issue this command:

netstat -r


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Internet Connection Sharing on Ubuntu through Wireless

Yesterday, I tried to share the Internet connection from my laptop to iPhone through wireless and it’s really simple. These are the steps that I follow on my laptop that has Ubuntu 12.04 LTS:

Click on the “Network Manager” icon and from there,select “Create New Wireless Network…”:

Enter the details,according to your desire for this new “ad-hoc” network:

Note: For the WEP 40/128-bit Key option, you key has to be exactly 5/10/13 characters long.

Laptop will automatically connect to this new network we have just created:

Click on the “Network Manager” icon again and select “Edit Connections…”:

Select the “ad-hoc” connection that we created above and click on Edit button:

 Verify that the “Connect automatically” check-box is selected:

On the IPv4 Settings tab verify that the Method option is set to “Shared to other computers”:

Check the IP address for eth1(wireless):

Configuring the iPhone:

Hope this will help you!

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